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We provide training and education across British Columbia

Here is a sample of some of Natascha Lawrence's professional presentations:

· Webinar, FASD in the Playroom Episode, Synergetic Play Therapy Lessons from the Playroom #42,  April 2019

Supporting Individuals with FASD, Community Meeting, Prince George, January 25-26, 2018

· Keynote, FASD BC POPFASD District Partner’s Meeting, November 23, 2018 

· Information Night on FASD, RTRA, November 22, 2018 

· FASD for Front Line Service Providers, Encompass Support Services, June, 1, 2018

· FASD for Educators, Stz’uminus Community School, May 18, 2018 

· FASD in a Day for Service Providers, April 6, 2018

· Local Planning Committee: The 7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Integrating Research, Policy and Promising Practices from around the World, March 1-4, 2017

· Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the Playroom, November 10, 2017

· BCACC Counsellor Café: Mental Health Treatment for Individuals with FASD, Oct. 17, 2017

· Mental Health and Addictions Treatment for Individuals with FASD: What works and what does not work, FASD in the DTES Conference, October 15, 2015

· Planning Committee: FASD in the DTES: Skills, Strategies, and Support Conference, Vancouver, October 15, 2015

· How to support our clients with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, MCFD/VCH, 2014/2015

· Zones of Regulation Curriculum, JCS, 2015

· MindUp Curriculum , JCS, 2015

· Child Parent Relationship Therapy, MCFD, 2014 


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Natascha Lawrence is a part of the Connect to Success Presentation Team.   Connect to Success's passion is to encourage professionals and parents to take responsibility for educating themselves and staying updated in their techniques and practices in caring for children.  Connect to Success wants to be part of the reeducation and put the joy and excitement back in teaching and/or parenting.